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Hey there, my name is Marián.

I’m 25-yo full-stack web developer and technology enthusiast with interests in various multimedia, art, and design. I have experience with both front-end and back-end web development, project design, UI/UX design, and hardware. I’m currently working on a device to make drones smarter and safe to access our airspace.
I also teach 3D Printing at Czech Technical University in Prague.

How to contact me

My full name is Marián Hlaváč (Ing. Marián Hlaváč if you want) and I currently live in 📍 Prague, Czech Republic.

You can drop me a line at  ✉️
I can be found on social networks — such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Facebook, or Twitter.

What I do

I’m a full-stack web developer with an emphasis on the front-end technologies, and I consider web technologies as my main focus. Alongside that, I sometimes do UI design, develop games, or fiddle with hardware, but if I were ever to sell myself, I reckon they wouldn’t make a good selling point.


I try to cover all corners of the field, from setting up the server, writing the code or keeping the code maintainable, to testing with users, and focusing on good UI and UX.

Last months, the majority of the code I’ve written was in Python, but previously I’ve been working a lot with React framework (using TypeScript). From time to time I write a few lines in in Dart, Rust or other languages.

Development Techniques & Project Management

I value good development practices. I keep clean commit history and try to guide others to do the same. Code reviews are a matter of course, as well as CI/CD, routine automation, or good automated code tests.

I also like open-source and non-proprietary solutions, so for example, it shouldn’t be surprising that this resume is a Markdown file that can be converted easily into PDF, this website, or printed.
Or some would say I’m just a big nerd.

Hobbies & Other skills

I often spend some time improving myself in different fields. I actually have more hobbies than those listed below, but I find hobbies such as “playing Tetris”, “cooking”, or “drinking beers”, highly irrelevant to the purpose of this page.

My past experiences

For almost a decade I dedicated myself to gaining experiences in web technologies. I started small, creating websites for my friends and colleagues in the old-school Xara Designer, then continued to learn how to program small web apps in PHP, and now I’m in charge of the technical infrastructure of a young technological start-up. Whew, time flies.

Where I studied

In 2017 I finished my bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague. Before that, in 2016 I’ve finished my 4-year high school program at the Secondary Technical School Karvina.